Number of ride participants have ...

At the board meeting on August 6th, it was decided to increase the size of the rides to 8 + 2 and 4 + 1, where there are 8 riders and 2 leaders, or 4 riders and 1 leader. The ride leaders have the discretion to have smaller groups.

The Gunks

The Gunks, formally the Shawangunks. These highlands are the Camelot of NYCC regional climbing aficionados.

Wide open vistas, unusual east of the Mississippi, long, steady ascents and geologic details unlike either the Hudson Highlands or the Catskills, the Gunks might just as well have arisen in the Black Hills of Dakota or above the Colorado River.

Beacon and Poughkeepsie serve as Metro North portals for cyclists seeking out these choice routes. Look for club rides to the Gunks during that time of year with long daylight hours because the Shawangunk Ridge lies west of New Paltz and Wallkill.


When I die, I'm going to Nyack, but for now, I make it my business to cycle in the Gunks. 

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