Tour de Gunks (Mohonk - Vista Maria/Cragsmoor - Minnewaska)

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Way Points: 

Poughkeepsie RR Station (start) > Mid Hudson Bridge > Vineyard Ave > Bailey's Gap > Rt 32 > Rt 208/299 > Springtown > Mtn Rd > Rt 6 > Mohonk > Butterville Rd > 299/44/55 deli > Rt 7 > Oregon Trail > Rt 52 > Craigmoor > Rt 52 > Ellenville Bakery > Berme Rd > Fordemore > Rt 44/55 > 299/44/55 deli > Rt 299 > New Paltz Rd/CR 12 > Haviland > Mid Hudson Bridge > Poughkeepsie RR Station (finish)

Vista Maria/ Old Stone Church loop/ South Gully descent variation:

Rt 52 to Cragsmoor with Old Stone Church Loop/ Rt 52 descent to Ellenville variation:

Cox Rd at Walker Valley/ Rt 52 descent to Ellenville variation:

Fred Steinberg
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This is a Signature Route
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The Gunks
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5 out of 5
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One of our best routes. This is what cycling is all about. Bravo Fred. Vista Maria is all about steep. Unless you are on performance enhancing drugs, do not attempt it on a 39 x 21! But if you have gearing and enjoy a challenge, it is worth the effort. It is a yardstick to measure other climbs against. Please check current Metro North times to and from GCT & Poughkeepsie. 7100' vertical gain. Note: map shows region but cue sheet has been subsequently altered..

Many Ride With GPS route variations to choose from. Here is how to make sense of it. The standard route is up 52 from Walker Valley and descend 52 to Ellenville. It is the least challenging but with the best views. The ascent up Vista Maria is very, very steep. Unless you are a cat 2 racer, do not try this without better gearing. The descent down South Gully is quite steep with no views. The Cox Rd variation at Walker Valley is for those who have done this so many times they want something different. The pavement might me compromised.

Main Ride With GPS link is Vista Maria/ Old Stone Church loop/ Rt 52 descent to Ellenville variation.

Ride also known as the Triple Cross.

HS 3/17/15

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