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1/10/2019 - The 2019 season begins MARCH 2nd in Central Park!



4/7/18 - Sofi Camacho Wins First CRCA Women's Race of 2018!

Sofi Camacho in her first season racing took first place at theis weekend's Women's Development Series 


3/10/18 - NYCC Wins New York Criterium Championships!

On a clear but cold course, the New York State Criterium Championships were held on the CRCA open race at Grant's Tomb. NYCC Racing was well represented in all fields and raced throughout the day. First up were the cat5 Men. In the junior field Charlie took 4th Place. The women were represented by Shou (7th) and Michelle VT (9th) who raced in both the cat4/5 and 3/4/5 races, chowing some good early season form. Next up the men's Cat4 with results also counting to CRCA's coveted B Field Team Cup, where Henning took 4th. Men's 3/4 Luiz came second to an out of state resident making him the NY State Champion!! In a hard fought race the NYCC boys launched constant attacks and controlled the field until Shannon led out a huge attack with three laps to go causing the field to be strung out. The race was a closely faught finish and a very well deserved result for all concerned. The final race of the day was the Men's Elite Field... and the difference in pace was instantly noticable as a step up. Constant attacks and changes in the leaders showed what a huge class field this was. NYCC took 6th and 7th in a bunch sprint at the end. Both postions earned valuable Team Cup points. The season is underway!!


3/3/18 - CRCA CLUB RACE #1

First race of the season and a good team turn out on a damp Central Park course. The A Field team has alot of new faces but showed the beginings of great promise with Luiz Lanfredi taking 4th... making him the number one ranked cat3 in the USA! aThe B field squad had teething probelms... two failed break attempts and a puncture left the team raring to get back into action at the next race. The new racers in the C Field had a great trial by fire and are showing great promise. Shou and Jenny flew the flag for the ladies taking a 9th place in the Cat3/4/5 field - 4th in her cat4 field outright!




NYCC Racing finished the Central Park racing season taking top honours and both of the team cups



After 4.7 laps of the NYCC team holding the field together, Nick Leeper took the honours with a strong final sprint to Tavern on The Green in Central Park, winning by a bike length! The win secured the season, ensuring that NYCC Racing will win the 2017 B Field Team Cup!



NYCC Racing WINS 2017 Lucarelli & Castaldi Season Cup and takes 2nd in the B Field!!!

After a close faught season, our very own Ismael Acosta won the prestigeous Prospect Park season long cup. Edoaurd Darbamont took 2nd in the B Field, despite not being able to race in the last few races 


NYCC Racing WINS Floyd Bennett Field Thursday Night B Field Series

Leading from the front, and despite a puncture on the final race... James Gilbert took the honours and closed out the season with a giant trophy... which was a nightmare to ride home with!



Extra, Extra, Read All About It!!! The Beasties in Blue do it once again at the races!!!

NYCC Racing's Women's Squad crushed it at Millersburg stage race this weekend! 


The Criterium Race: Merissa was out front for most of the crit and took the win. Congratulations!!! Due to getting cut off almost causing Gabby and another racer to go down, Gabby wasn’t able to get into the final sprint; however, finished strong in 7th. Gabby I am happy you didn’t go down…


The Road Race: There was a 4 or 5 women break away half way through the race, of course Gabby and Merissa were in the break. They were successful keeping the break all the way to the end… Merissa taking 1st and Gabby coming in 4th!!!! Awesome.. 


The TT Race: Melissa placed 2nd and Gabby came in 4th. 

GC Results: Merissa takes the GC and Gabby placing 4th!!!!!!!! Congratulations ladies.


Great team work out there to bring it home for the NYCC Women’s Development Team and a huge thank you to Merissa and Gabby for all their hard work this weekend. 


Reporting once again from my couch with the “Game of Thrones” on in the background (I have no idea what is going on)… 







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