Upcoming Rides

Name Date Time Leaders Level Distance Spots Remaining
NYCC/R - Weekly Winter Base Miles Series... Sat, Nov 28 07:20 AM James Gilbert
Allan Ganly
José Soto
A /21 40 + 55 Miles 0 of 8
(12 on waitlist)
Highlands - B17 Sat, Nov 28 08:30 AM Thomas ODonnell
Neile Weissman
B /17 53 Miles 1 of 4
Highlands - B16 Sat, Nov 28 08:45 AM Edward Delk
Neile Weissman
B /16 53 Miles 2 of 8

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Statement of the New York Cycle Club


Along with most Americans, New York Cycle Club members have been shocked and dismayed by the recent and not-so-recent events encompassed by the phrase “Black Lives Matter”. The spotlight shone on structural racism and systemic inequality in America compels all organizations, even cycling clubs, to look at what we do and what we can do better.
To be sure, NYCC has long had an anti-discrimination policy. And, a few years back, we adopted a Code of Conduct to address harassment and bullying as well. For some time we have been major supporters of Kids Ride Club and I Challenge Myself, two charities that use cycling to foster good health and higher educational achievement for inner-city youth. These positives should not go unrecognized. But the new era demands more than good behavior. It requires engagement and deliberate inclusion on a variety of fronts.
We have not tried hard enough to raise our profile and the profile of cycling generally in minority communities. We can do that better. We have not done enough to make the leadership of our club sufficiently representative of all communities. We can do that better too. We need to make our Club truly welcoming to all, no matter their skin color, gender, sexual orientation, cultural or racial origin or any other characteristic. We can do that better as well. And we can listen more.
As the club that bears the name of America’s greatest and most diverse city, we should commit to do so. And we do.
Juneteenth, 2020


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