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Training and Development Plans

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Welcome to the NYCC Winter Training Program!

- Starting OCtober 1st and running into May 2020

- Focusing on building peak fitness in May for events such as GFNY, Bear Mountain Spring Classic - but appropriate for those looking to build fitness for the SIG programs in March

- Open to all NYCC Members

- Program customisable for varying fitness and time abilities

- Daily outdoor and indoor equivalent workouts - you choose

- Posted on the NYCC website for free

- Training plan can be sent to your calendar and Garmin using a Premium TrainingPeaks account costing $10 a month. Wake up, turn on your Garmin - ride your daily workout!


Periodized Training Program


  • Oct/Nov/Dec

    • Build training load resistance 

    • Increase Leg Strength

      • Big gear hill repeats

      • Single leg drills

    • Increase leg speed

      • High cadence drills

  • Jan/Feb

    • Decrease training time - Increase training intensity

    • Sweetspot and threshold intervals

  • Mar/Apr/May

    • Maintain training time - increase training intensity

    • Goal specific workouts

      • Gran Fondo? 10min “hill style” intervals 

      • Criterium racing? Short intense VO2Max repeated intervals


What do you need?

Nothing! You can just follow the plan’s suggested rides and workouts - adapting them to your time and needs! We would however recommend the following...


  • Training Peaks online training program - Free Version

  • Accurately track and plan your progression 

  • Organise and schedule your workouts

  • (Optional) Training Peaks - paid version

    • For $10 a month receive a Training Peaks Premium Account

      • ($10 is cost of TrainingPeaks Account)

  • More accurate metrics and recording of progress

  • See your training schedule in your calendar 

  • Receive daily workouts direct to your Garmin - hit play and train!

  • (Optional) TrainerRoad - $9.99/month

    • All of the training plan’s workouts will have an indoor equivalent

    • Log on and view “NYCC’s Library of Workouts” to find daily and suggested workouts


If interested in joining or learing more... email James - [email protected]

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