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Urban Adventure


Empowerment on bicycle begins out your front door.


There are routes that get you from point A to point B, and there are routes that provide the best options to access the surrounding suburbs and countryside.

Then there are routes that explore and celebrate our fair city - these are Urban Adventures.

Name Level(s) Distance Difficulty Rating
Bridges By Night Uptown B, C 25 2 out of 5
NJ Hudson River Walkway C 36.3 2 out of 5
Queens 40 Loop B, C 42 2 out of 5
Ft. Totten w/ Lunch @ Dosa Hutt B, C 39 2 out of 5
Yonkers to Trailway B, C 25 2 out of 5
King's Point via Brooklyn B, C 56 3 out of 5
The Hills of Northern Manhattan B, C 8.7 4 out of 5
Newtown Creek Twilight Ride C 17 2 out of 5
Counterclockwise Perimeter Circuit of Manhattan Island C 31 1 out of 5
Shirley Chisholm Park C 28 1 out of 5
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