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At the board meeting on August 6th, it was decided to increase the size of the rides to 8 + 2 and 4 + 1, where there are 8 riders and 2 leaders, or 4 riders and 1 leader. The ride leaders have the discretion to have smaller groups.

Dumplings at Michelangelos - Bronx

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Central Park Boathouse > Randall's Island > Charlotte Gardens > Soundview Park > Pugsley Creek Park > Pelham Bay > Botanical Garden > Belmont (Little Italy) > Grand Concourse > subway home.

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Interest Tags: 
Claire Mordas
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New York City, Urban Adventure
B, C
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1 out of 5
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Part of Claire Mordas' famous Dumpling Rides series, this takes an interesting route thru Bronx neighborhoods and parks, with a lunch stop in the Bronx version of Little Italy. After all, what are ravioli, tortellini and gnocchi if not dumplings by another name! Route officially ends at a subway (either the D train or the #4) shortly after lunch, figuring you'll be too stuffed to want to ride all the way home. But go ahead...knock yourself out...create your own route home for an extra 10-15 miles.

cw 5/2020

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