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Name Region Name(s) Distance Difficulty Rating Level(s)
West Side Greenway @ Dyckman- VC Park/Old Put connector
Getting out of NYC
New York City
3 1 out of 5 C
Little Tor, Gate Hill, Hogback, Mt Peter, Beacon
Hudson Highlands
New Jersey/Rockland County
Orange County
92 5 out of 5 A
Counterclockwise Perimeter Circuit of Manhattan Island New York City 31 1 out of 5 C
Trenton, Frenchtown, Trenton
Gravel Grinding
Mid New Jersey South
64 1 out of 5 A, B
Five Towns - Long Island South Shore Long Island 44 1 out of 5 B, C
Self-Contained to the Berkshires
Multi-Day Tours
The Berkshires
100 3 out of 5 A, B, C
Bronx Ramble New York City 43 1 out of 5 B, C
Croton Reservoir Triple Cross Westchester/CT 38 1 out of 5 B, C
Cresskill for Lunch New Jersey/Rockland County 29 2 out of 5 B, C
Sloatsburg/Sterling Forest singletrack clockwise/Ringwood/Ramsey mtn bike
Mountain Biking
New Jersey/Rockland County
30 5 out of 5 A
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