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Name Region Name(s) Distance Difficulty Rating Level(s)
Hubbard Perkins Loop Trail out of Cold Spring (School Mtn Lollipop) - gravel
Gravel Grinding
Putnam Dutchess and Columbia Counties
17.5 5 out of 5 A, B
[Berkshire Weekend] Lakeville All Class C Route The Berkshires 41 2 out of 5 C
[Berkshire Weekend] Norman Rockwell loop from Sheffield The Berkshires 43 2 out of 5 B, C
[Berkshire Weekend] Lakeville Picnic Gravel The Berkshires 49 4 out of 5 A
[Berkshire Weekend] Bash Bish Shorter The Berkshires 56 3 out of 5 B
[Berkshire Weekend] Umpachene Falls Loop The Berkshires 20 1 out of 5 B, C
[Berkshire Weekend] Hancock Shaker Village The Berkshires 51 3 out of 5 B, C
[Berkshire Weekend] Stockbridge Bowl Loop The Berkshires 32 2 out of 5 B, C
[Berkshires Weekend] Great Barrington to Wassaic The Berkshires 34 1 out of 5 B, C
2022 G2 #7 Scarsdale
C SIG Cue Sheets
37 2 out of 5 B, C
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