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Name Region Name(s) Distance Difficulty Rating Level(s)
School Mountain Road, Cold Spring to East Mtn Rd
Hudson Highlands
Mountain Biking
Putnam Dutchess and Columbia Counties
7.2 4 out of 5 A
Minnewaska via Awosting Portal, Gunk Ridge to Mohonk, via Poughkeepsie: mtn bike
Mountain Biking
The Gunks
63 5 out of 5 A
New Brunswick to Trenton via 6 Mile Run & the D & R Canal Towpath
Mid New Jersey South
Mountain Biking
35 3 out of 5 B
Bear Mtn for everyone - shortest access and for hill repeats
Hudson Highlands
New Jersey/Rockland County
20 4 out of 5 A, B, C
2016 Group 1 Ride #6 Kingsland Point Park C SIG Cue Sheets 50 2 out of 5 C
Lloyd's Carrot Cake - an Urban Adventure with a Sweet Treat New York City 20 1 out of 5 C
Harriman SP: Hill after Hill from Garrison
Hudson Highlands
New Jersey/Rockland County
85 1 out of 5 A
Harrison Greenwich Loop Westchester/CT 50 3 out of 5 B, C
Counterclockwise Perimeter Circuit of Manhattan Island New York City 31 1 out of 5 C
2016 Group 1 Ride #7 Nyack-Piermont C SIG Cue Sheets 52 3 out of 5 C
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