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Update 4/28:

I've posted the details for Week 9 - The Summer Classic for this Saturday, May 2.

Do check in through the week to see about updates, as usual. 



B-STS is a series of rides through the spring aimed to build up your fitness and prepare you for longer rides in the summer and fall. 

We offer riding groups at common "B"-level speeds, but this is a "ride at your own pace" program, and you should treat each ride as a self-supported ride. You'll need to set your goals based on how strong you want to be + who you wish to ride with + who you can actually keep up with. 

We run for 9 weeks and we don't kick people out for being absent - we do remove individuals who are unfit to complete the rides safely or within reasonable time limits. Still, we are not looking to remove anyone, and there is no "waiting list" that could use your roster spot. Simply be prepared to finish the ride every week and you'll be fine.

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