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You should have a full-size road bicycle with road tires in good working order. Reasonable exceptions (Bike Friday, single-speed, etc.) will be accepted but should be noted with the B-STS coordinator in advance.

* You must be a SIG graduate or have an equivalent skill level in group riding. If you are not a B-SIG graduate, we will verify your ride history ahead of the first ride.

* There isn't a strict absence policy, but we require you to be fully capable of completing each ride in the program. If you can't attend or keep up with most of the rides, the correct decision is to drop the program. Participants with 3+ absences will be contacted, and their progress monitored to ensure they are capable of future rides. 

Riders are not required to ride in set groups... you can ride alone if you want, or find friends in the program whose riding styles and pace closely match yours. 16mph and 18mph riding groups will be arranged with captains ahead of each ride.

No passing except in instances where the roadway is flat, straight, and light with traffic. Particularly, no passing within a group on steady inclines and no passing on any downhills. (This was a policy last year, and it is in place for your safety and the safety of other riders.) Another exception: steep hills follow the normal B-level rides convention of "take it at your own pace, regroup at the top".  

Riders will be provided cue sheet documents and GPS files prior to every rideCue sheets are not handed out every week... you must print your own!

You might get left behind by a group of riders if you can't keep their pace. There will usually be another group right behind you, moving along at a less strenuous pace. 16mph is the "sweep pace".

You might have to fix your own mechanicals. Not all the time - some participants are generous with helping. Still, be prepared for a situation where you must help yourself.

* (ADDED) Weather updates will be provided when the conditions of the original ride date are not favorable (below 35 degrees, precipitation, extreme winds). We aim to provide updates starting 2 days in advance but a final call on the ride may be made as close as 2 hours to the ride start. 

Please monitor both your email and/or the message board up through that time for EVERY RIDE. If there are no messages that affirm the ride is cancelled or rescheduled, please assume the ride is happening as scheduled! (You can check in on the message board if you're unsure)

In the interest of balancing rider concerns with program goals, rides that occur during uncertain weather conditions are always OPTIONAL. Rides that are rescheduled are also OPTIONAL

NOTE: Please keep in mind that the coordinators cannot respond to every request and message in the case of a developing weather situation. 

We are very friendly and flexible but there are some basic rules! These are the things that would cause you to be removed from B-STS:

  • You are absent at the beginning of the program and fail to contact the program coordinator at [email protected]
  • You fail to listen to directions from a coordinator or captain
  • You volunteer to be a captain and then fail to be present at your assignment
  • You're way, way behind the rest of the group in fitness
  • You are not a rider who can handle safely riding in a group on a B-level ride
  • Any behavior that isn't allowed on club rides in general. Prohibited behavior includes mobile device usage while riding, wearing headphones, using aerobars, and not wearing a helmet.


Replace your early absences!

If you complete an equivalent cycling activity*, you can opt-out of any of the first three weeks of the program. (March 7, 14, 21) It's simple - do another cycling activity and skip one of those rides if it suits you. Skip all three of those rides if you can make up for them! You will have to contact us in advance to let us know what you're doing if you are taking this option... and you'll be all set.

(So, what is an equivalent cycling activity? A different club ride of 35+ miles at a 16mph pace, a spinning class, or the same route posted on a different day. Has to be a cycling activity, can't substitute a 5K run or a bar method class or anything like that. You MUST let us know the time, date, and description of your activity to receive credit. You also MUST contact us in advance with your plan if you are planning to be absent from one of those first three rides, though we will make an exception if you fall ill + make up the ride later)

Take a break for randonneuring!

At any point in the program, if you wish to skip a B-STS ride in order to participate in a regional long-distance ride (65+ miles) such as a century course or a 200K randonneuring event, just let us know (in advance, of course) and it will not count as a B-STS absence!

Possible B17 pace group!

If you feel that you want to ride at a 17mph pace, email [email protected] and the coordinator can maintain a contact group of individuals who wish to self-organize as B17 riders. Note: this is for EXISTING B17 riders only. This will be checked against the club's ride database! The program itself will continue to organize 16mph and 18mph groups automatically. 

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