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B-STS Captains

Captains are like our version of ride leaders, but you're doing a lot less than a typical NYCC ride leader does. The captains are the pace supervisors of the program - you ride with the group, make sure that everyone stays at the target speed in appropriate areas, and serve as official managers of the ride group in case something goes wrong.

Captains can volunteer for any weeks (even just one). For captains, there's no required ride scouting, no route planning, no need to take sole navigation or line-leading duties, no need for mechanical repair skills, etc. (You can feel free to stop to help riders who need assistance, though). All captains get an NYCC volunteer ride-leading credit point for each week that they serve.

We need volunteers! Email [email protected] to volunteer for a captain spot (include the dates where you will definitely be available to make your assignment) or email to ask any additional questions.


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