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Next Ride - Week 9: The Summer Classic

May 2 - MEET AT 6:30AM AT GRAND CENTRAL TERMINAL (Main Waiting Hall, Information Booth)


  • The route (including a link to a special supplementary guide sheet): 
  • Be as flexible as you can with your clothing, for it may be rather chilly in the morning (45-50 degrees) yet significantly warmer by midday (60-65 degrees). 
  • Our destination, Brewster, has southbound trains to GCT at 12 past the hour, every hour. We expect the main group to get there between 5pm and 7pm.

Brian Van Nieuwenhoven (646-673-5155)
Howard Tanz (

The early morning start requires focused preparation. Have everything you need for ride day ready by the evening before. This includes the bike itself (check brakes, wheels, air pressure), clothing, accessories, treatments (sunscreen, chamois cream, etc), supplements/vitamins, morning food, the day's pocket food, money/credit cards, etc. 

The train is the 6:43a to Poughkeepsie, we will attempt to board near the front. We will arrive at New Hamburg at 8:25am.


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