Putnam Pain 60

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Peekskill Metro North Station (start)> Sprout BrookRd> Old Albany Post Rd> S Highland Rd> Dennytown Rd> 301> 9 north> E Mtn Rd South>Long Hill Rd> Hortontown Rd> Miller Hill Rd> Rushmore Rd> Hosner Mtn Rd> Farmers Mills Rd> Nimham Rd> 301> Sagamore Rd> Pudding St> Wiccopee Rd> Oscawana Hgts Rd> Sunken Mine Rd> Indian Brook Rd> Lane Gate Rd> Moffet Rd> Cold Spring RR Station, end

John Z
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5 out of 5
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6100' to 7050' of vertical gain 5 sections of unpaved road, some for over 5 miles. Outrageous grades on a number of ascents, as a 23% section of Long Hill Rd. This is no route for a 39x23. 2 traffic lights; one at the start, the other at the end. Note: crosses Taconic Parkway. Road bikes are fine but 25 mm tires or greater are advised. Be mindful of washed out surfaces. Especially on the downhills. Be prepared to average a very low speed due to sketchy hardpack on the descents. Rewarding route for the strong and well-prepared cyclist: you will not need anything else to prove your worth after completing this ride.

Original route predates the bike path to the Peekskill causeway at the start. The Ride With GPS route takes this path. But caution is advised crossing Rt 6/202 just before the causeway, exiting the path.


HS 3/19/15

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