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Staten Island Ferry Terminal, St George, Richmond Terrace (start)> Todt Hill Rd> Richmond Rd> Ocean Terrace> Richmond Rd> Bement Ave> Slosson Ave> Todt Hill Rd> NY Ave> Bay St> Staten Island Ferry Terminal, St George, Richmond Terrace (end)

Brian Sullivan
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New York City
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4 out of 5
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43 miles/ 60.3 miles longer version Staten Island is home to some fantastic hills. This route traverses the ridges in the northeast part of the island, seeking to present these challenging climbs in a manageable fashion. The first 30 miles of the route average about 100 feet/mile of elevation, and many of the climbs are steep - over 10%. The next section is flat, with a long spin along the beach and through Ft. Wadsworth. Finally, the coup de grâce: Oakland Terrace. The route stays away from the busy main drags as much as possible, but it's still best to ride it early on a weekend morning to avoid traffic. The cue sheet starts & ends at the St. George ferry terminal. There's a bathroom/water break at High Rock Park; if you need food or other fluids hit one of the bagel joints on Victory Blvd, Richmond Rd or New Dorp Ln. Route variations: To avoid the last, tough climb up Oakland Terrace, after Ft. Wadsworth continue on Bay St. to the ferry terminal. To make it a pure hill workout (skipping the beach and Ft. Wadsworth): on the third descent of Todt Hill Rd (mile 29.8), go left on Four Corners; left on Richmond Rd; continue straight on Targee; then turn left on Laurel Ave and pick up the cue sheet at mile 39.9. Throw in a gratuitous climb up Vista Ave (left off of Richmond) if you're so inclined. Cue sheet is a longer version: 60.3 miles. Map and elevation profile here:

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