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QBB Bike path -> 31st Ave -> Flushing Bay Promenade -> Flushing Meadow Park -> Shea Rd -> Meridian Rd -> 172nd St -> 35th Ave -> Crocheron Park -> Brooklyn/Queens Greenway -> Fort Totten -> Little Bay Park -> 166th St -> Riverside Dr -> Powell's Cove Blvd -> Frances Lewis Park -> 129th St -> Prince St -> Flushing Bay Promenade -> 34th Ave -> Roosevelt Ave -> Skillman Ave ->  QBB

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Claire Mordas, Linda Wintner
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New York City
B, C
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1 out of 5
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This is another of Claire and Linda's famous Dumpling rides.  Great anytime, but especially wonderful for those cold winter months where only short rides will do.      

If you didn't already know this, momos are the unofficial dumpling dish of Tibet.  Little Tibet in Jackson Heights is one of the best places to find momo dumplings (west of Mount Everest, that is).  Since our dumpling lunch is late at mile 32 in the ride, there is a scenic ride around Northeast Queens to work up appetites.  After lunch it is a quick 3-4 miles back to Manhattan.  

For the most panoramic view of Flushing Bay, you can turn left on 99th Street at mile 5.9, cross Astoria Blvd and turn right on 27th Ave which will take you straight over the GCP overpass to Flushing Bay Promenade.  Turn right on the promenade bike path and pick up the route at mile 6.6.  

On this route there are two morning pit stops along the way at Crocheron Park and Francis Lewis Park. There may or may not be tap water but no food, so please bring some pocket snack food to get you through to lunch, and at least one water bottle.  



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