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Dead Presidents

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Hudson Terrace > Chestnut > Speer > Depeyster > Hillside > Eisenhower > Truman > Jackson > Madison > Adams > Hoover > 9W> Hudson Terrace

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Interest Tags: 
Timothy McCarthy
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New Jersey/Rockland County
A, B
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3 out of 5
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A scenic, hill climbing excursion (7 climbs) in New Jersey a stone's throw from the George Washington Bridge. A very nice change from doing repeats of the Alpine climb on River Road. Dead Presidents has at its object riding every President-named road in the area off Hillside Avenue (i.e., Eisenhower, Truman, Jackson, etc.). This leads to much looping around. Do this ride with a casual pace, stick together and pay no attention to who gets to the top first. Instead, admire the architecture of the big, booming houses. When you get to the McMansions, extra points awarded to creative uses of profanity--the more colorful the better. Bring your climbing gears and use them! 

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