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General Information
Way Points: 

West Side Greenway>Henry Hudson Bridge>S. County Trailway>Mario Cuomo Bridge>Nyack>River Road>City College

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Interest Tags: 
Bob Schmon (H. Hudson Bridge) Carol Waaser (Broadway Bridge)
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A, B, C
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3 out of 5
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The opening of the Mario Cuomo Bridge bike path makes possible this loop that allows cyclists a largely car-free paved bike path from Manhattan to Tarrytown, the beautiful long crossing of the Hudson River on the new Cuomo bridge path between Tarrytown and Nyack, lunch at the Runcible Spoon which has outdoor seating and a free water dispenser for cyclists, then a return that includes River Road. 

The route from the GWB on the Manhattan side to Central Park will be a discovery for those who have not tried it.  Once on St. Nicholas there will be very few cars passing you as you proceed south on a bike lane, turn onto lovely Covent Avenue, ride through the beautiful campus of City College, then descend to Morningside and the Park.

Note: We’ve included a similar but somewhat easier route for C riders that does not include carrying the bike up & down stairs or the hills of River Rd.  It can be found here:   

The Hudson Bridge route takes the Greenway path in Manhattan north that includes a staircase up, then down, a pedestrian bridge to cross the rail tracks, and then takes the Henry Hudson Bridge and roads north to VCP.  Carol’s route crosses the Broadway Bridge. 

RMS 6/28/2020  

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