NYCC Suspends all ...

It will come as no surprise, that the New York Cycle Club’s Board of Directors has decided to CANCEL all Club-sponsored activities for the next eight weeks. This cancellation includes all SIGs, STSs, Club rides, laps-in-the-park training rides, social events, and Club meetings. For more details, please see the home page.

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Ride Library Difficulty Ratings

Rides are designated by distance and degree of difficulty (1-5). Rides rated 1 or 2 are generally good for C riders. Ratings of 2-4 are good B rides, depending on distance and leader’s choice of difficulty. Ratings of 3-5 are good A rides, depending on distance. 
  • Rating 1 means a flat ride with less than 30 vertical feet of climbing per mile ridden.
  • Rating 2 means a relatively flat ride with 30-40 vertical feet of climbing per mile and is likely to include at least one climb such as Churchill or Walnut plus some rolling hills.
  • Rating 3 means a more challenging ride with 40-60 vertical feet of climbing per mile and will include steeper hills and/or longer climbs.
  • Rating 4 means a challenging ride with 60-80 vertical feet of climbing per mile, steep sections, long climbs and possibly tricky descents.
  • Rating 5 – knock yourselves out! Long mileage, up to 100 vertical feet of climbing per mile, long climbs with steep sections, long stretches without services.
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