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2016 Group 4 Ride #5 Pearl River

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  • 2016 Group 4 Ride #5 Pearl River
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Dinosaur Playground > GW Bridge > E. Clinton > Knoll Rd > Hillside > Anderson > Hardenburgh > Schraalenburgh > Blanch > Old Tappan Rd > Rivervale > Pearl River Muddy Brook Cafe lunch > Blauvelt/Sickletown > 5th Ave > Sunset > Western Hwy > Old Tappan > Washington St > Valentine > 9W > GW Bridge

Carol Waaser
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B, C
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2 out of 5
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Ride starts at Dinosaur Playground on Riverside Dr. opposite W. 97th St.  Restrooms are on the left.

Fairly standard Pearl River route, with a twist coming home (including a very short 12% kicker up to Western Hwy). Lunch is at the Muddy Brook Cafe, a cycle club favorite - and even better if you speak with an Irish accent. Outbound on Rivervale/N. Middletown, you have almost 3 miles of "false flat" uphill grade of 1-2% (in case you're wondering why you're going slower than usual).

Ride officially ends at the NY side of the GW Bridge to keep it at 50 miles.


cw 5/2016

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