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Starting Wednesay April 15th, will are going to re-open the ride sign-up system for virtual rides (Zwift, TrainerRoad, Peloton Digital, Rouvy, etc.) and similar on your trainer rides.  We had tried this earlier in the year — before the pandemic — but had few takers.  But things are different now. For more details, please see the home page.

2016 Group 4 Ride #1 Scarsdale

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  • 2016 Group 4 Ride #1 Scarsdale
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Dana Discovery Center > St. Nicholas > High Bridge > University Ave. > Bainbridge/Jerome > Bronx River Rd. > California> Lake Shore > Wilmot > Baraud/Drake > Scarsdale lunch > Scarsdale Rd. > Bronx River Greenway > Kimball > Jerome Ave. End at #4 for 30 miles or ride back to Manhattan for 40 miles.

Carol Waaser
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A good C route out of Manhattan through the Bronx - bike lanes and the high bridge.  Definitely urban riding, though: lots of traffic lights, and watch for broken glass.  Also uses a less congested route into Scarsdale after Lakeshore.  Lunch at Lange's Deli - lots of seating, many choices of food items, including pizza.  Return uses a portion of Bronx River Greenway to avoid the extremely rough road on Parkview.  Ride starts at Dana Discovery Center at the top of Central Park; restroom access on outside of building.

cw - 5/2016

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