C-SIG Materials

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Below is a collection of educational handouts used at various times by all the C-SIG groups. You may find it useful to look at them before taking the C-SIG, or you may find it more useful to receive them in context of our talks on the road. Some are easier to follow than others without the talk. However, we encourage you to read the first three right now for a safe bike, pumped up tires, and adequate clothes!

If you would like to read a comprehensive rider's handbook, check out the B-SIG Rider's Guide that is linked from the B-SIG page.

ABC Quick Bike Check From: Transportation Alternatives;www.transalt.org/resources/cycling
Tire Care Before and After Each Ride
Clothing and Accessories
Coordinated Emergency Response
Nutrition for Cycling
Amelia's Strength and Diet Tips
Riding in Traffic From: John S. Allen. Street Smarts: Bicyclings Traffic Survival Guide
- Don't Weave in Traffic
- Left Turns in Traffic
- Right Turns in Traffic
- Rotary Intersection
- Roadside Hazards
Stretching Chart p. 1 From: Bob and Jean Anderson. Stretching 2000
Stretching Chart p. 2 From: Bob and Jean Anderson. Stretching 2000
Bike Fit From: Bicycling Magazine, April 2002
Gear Chart
Cleaning and lubing your bike From: T.K. at Larrys Second Avenue Bicycle Plus (since updated)
Changing a Rear Tire From: Larry and Benny at Larrys Second Avenue Bicycle Plus

Bike Handling
Cornering and straight lines
Pedaling, spinning, gearing and hills
How to Ride the GW Bridge ramp and corner turns
Taking you bike where you can't ride it.
Shifting and Gears - by Jim Reaven.


Cue Sheets

Here is a typical schedule of cue sheets to routes for a C-SIG, starting with the shortest routes, along with some alternates and variations. These are some of the  cue sheets that we use, but they may not be exactly the same week-by-week for each group within the C-SIG. The below are roughly arranged by distance starting with the shortest.

Inwood Hill Park via Greenway
Back Street Brooklyn


Closter via Columbus
Closter via Knickerbocker

Closter via Knickerbocker (Kent and E. Clinton)

Northvale Diner from Eleanor Roosevelt Statue
Northvale Diner/Tappan NY
Piermont via Rockleigh
Kingsland Park/Tarrytown
Pascack Brook Park
Park Ridge

Rye via 4 Train at Woodlawn

Rye via Grand Concourse

Nyack via Bradley
Oyster Bay

cycling trips