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Name Region Name(s) Distance Difficulty Rating Level(s)
Orchards with a Twist New Jersey/Rockland County 79 3 out of 5 A, B
New Haven to Bronx via East Coast Greenway Westchester/CT 83 2 out of 5 B
Piccolo Plus… From Denville New Jersey/Rockland County 54 4 out of 5 A
Byram Lake / Armonk / Valhalla/Tarrytown Westchester/CT 86 3 out of 5 A, B
Dover, NJ to Beacon or Peekskill
Mid New Jersey South
New Jersey/Rockland County
Orange County
Putnam Dutchess and Columbia Counties
121 5 out of 5 A
Garrison/Arden Valley/Greenwood Lake/Goshen/Beacon Orange County 81 4 out of 5 A, B
West Point to NYC via Grassy Sprain Orange County 58 4 out of 5 A
Le Tour des Alpes Juif Occidental The Catskills 78 5 out of 5 A
Beacon-Ellenville-Grahamsville-Peekamoose-Poughkeepsie The Catskills 113 5 out of 5 A
Denville, NJ Greenwood Lake, Denville New Jersey/Rockland County 59 4 out of 5 A, B
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