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2013 C-SIG

Saturday, March 2, 2013 - 9:30am


Please note that registration is closed and new participants are no longer being accepted.

Think of It as Cycling College

Learn the basics of cycling from experienced ride leaders with a passion for the sport. Whether your interest is touring, competitive cycling or group riding, the C-SIG provides 8 weeks of intensive training and practice during all-day group rides in the following areas of competency:

Essential Riding Skills – efficient pedal stroke, cadence, using a cycle computer, maximizing use of gears, balance/coordination, passing/acceleration, hill ascent, braking on fast down-hills, short stops, hairpin turns, etc.

Road and Group Riding Skills – hand signals (stopping, turning, road obstacles), safety skills for riding in traffic

Bike Maintenance and Repair Skills – changing a flat, care and lubrication of chain and crank, adjusting brakes

Nutrition and Hydration – timing, quality, quantities

Bike Fit – for maximum efficiency and injury prevention

The Best Cycling Clothes – for riding in comfort in cold, hot, wet and everything in-between weather

Emergency First Aid Response – basics for acting quickly in case of emergency AND much more!

Build a foundation of cycling skills that will last a lifetime. Learn to ride safely and stronger with groups and develop as a cyclist beyond your wildest dreams. The C-SIG is a stimulating and supportive environment for developing endurance, stamina, and friendships.

This is a progressive series, with each week taking us a little farther and a little faster. Each week, we build on what we have learned in the previous weeks. As much of our course material is presented in the early weeks, attendance at the first three sessions is particularly important.

Note: Participants are required to attend at least six of the eight sessions in order to graduate. Those who miss two out of the first three sessions will not be allowed to continue with the series.


  • We start with a Classification Ride (one day only) on the morning of Saturday, March 2 (Rain date: Sunday March 3rd). More details are in the confirmation email when you register for the C-SIG, and there will be another email toward the end of February with more information as well.
  • The course itself takes place on Saturdays, all day, starting March 16 to May 4, 2013. Sundays are back-up days.

There is more necessary and important information in the C-SIG FAQs linked below. If you are interested in taking the C-SIG, please read the FAQs, which may answer many of your questions.

         C-SIG FAQs          

You may also like to get a headstart by looking over the following C-SIG materials, especially articles on clothing, nutrition, exercises, checking your bike.

C-SIG Handouts

Below is a collection of educational handouts used at various times by all the C-SIG groups. You may find it useful to look at them before taking the C-SIG, or you may find it more useful to receive them in context of our talks on the road. Some are easier to follow than others without the talk. However, we encourage you to read the first three right now for a safe bike, pumped up tires, and adequate clothes!

If you would like to read a comprehensive rider's handbook, check out the B-SIG Rider's Guide that is linked from the B-SIG webpage.

ABC Quick Bike Check : from Transportation Alternatives;

Tire Care Before and After Each Ride

Clothing and Accessories

Coordinated Emergency Response

Nutrition for Cycling

Amelia's Strength and Diet Tips

Riding in Traffic : from  John S. Allen. Street Smarts: Bicycling’s Traffic Survival Guide

Bike Handling

Cue Sheets

Here is a typical schedule of cue sheets to routes for a C-SIG, starting with the shortest routes, along with some alternates and variations. These are some of the cue sheets that we use, but they may not be exactly the same week-by-week for each group within the C-SIG. The routes below are roughly arranged by distance starting with the shortest.


2013 C-SIG
cycling trips