How to Ride the G. W. Bridge Ramp and Corner Turns

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How to Ride the G. W. Bridge Ramp and Corner Turns

Many of us used to dread this part of the ride until we figured out how to ride the ramp and around the blind corners on the bridge itself. I pass this information on to my group, and they seem to really get it. They get these instructions on the road, just before starting for the ramp up to the bridge. I learned the ramp trick from Carol Waaser.

  1. The sidewalk approach to the ramp is downhill. You should coast it, while switching to easier climbing gears, so when you make the left turn, you are already ready to climb.

  2. When turning left onto the ramp, the left knee should be up (12 o'clock position) and the right leg straight down as a counterweight. As soon as the front wheel turns, you begin pedaling.

  3. Just before the hairpin turn, if you have clipless pedals or toe straps, you can unclip or unstrap the left foot; the left knee should be high at the turn. Aim for the 2 round disks on the floor of the ramp. As your front wheel crosses over the first disk, pedal down with your left foot. (You are already unclipped, if you need to touch down.)

  4. To ride around the blind corners on the bridge, first SLOW WAY DOWN and signal to riders behind you that you are doing so. Left knee is up at 12 o'clock into the turn; stay to the right and do one half-rotation.Now the right knee is up and ready for your right turn.

I've found that once riders have mastered the technique of having the correct knee up for turns (left turn, left knee up; right turn, right knee up) and if they go slowly enough, it takes a lot of fear out of riding the bridge and makes it a fun challenge.

Hope this is helpful.

Patricia Janof

C-Sig Training Series

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