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2024 A-SIG Classic Schedule

Orientation:  February 21, 8pm via Zoom
First ride:  March 2
Graduation ride: May 18

Contact: [email protected]

2024 A-SIG Classic Captains

Chris Sauer

David Palencia

Amy Chan

Michelle Savacool



Spring Training: The 2024 A-SIG Classic

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Saturday, March 2, 2024 - 9:00am

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Learn your strengths.

The A-Classic is a challenging & empowering program that works to produce some of the best cyclists in the club and beyond. We start with the fundamentals of group riding and pacelining — riding safely & efficiently — and progress to a “Classic” style of riding that elevates the individual strengths of the group to create a better ride experience for everyone. 

The program requires a serious time and effort commitment from all its participants. In addition to the weekend rides, mid-week training is a critical additional component of the Classic, both for building fitness and practicing new skills. In 2023 we are running a 12 week program, during which you will learn skills such as:

  • Fundamental group riding skills
  • Smooth pace lining
  • Gravel/dirt handling
  • Technical skills refinement (such as cornering, climbing and descending)
  • How to leverage & balance your group’s strengths to create a more cohesive and fun ride


While the A-SIG Classic is not an easy program, the payoff is worth it: you will rise up to challenges in a way you’ve never done before, you will meet people that will become lifelong friends, and have the honor of completing what has been described by graduates as “the most enriching athletic experience of their lives.”

What You Need To Know


  • We STRONGLY recommend a pre-season bike fit and tune-up/overhaul.
  • Helmets are mandatory.
  • No aero bars or time trial bikes under any circumstances.
  • Road bikes with clipless pedals only.
  • New tires are recommended — 28c is the current favorite width. 


  • The A-SIG Classic takes place every Saturday from March 2nd, 2024 through May 18th, 2024.
  • Orientation will take place via Zoom before the series begins.
  • If the weather appears to be uncooperative, we will reschedule rides to Sunday. Be sure to check the standard A-SIG Classic communication channels.

Time Commitment

  • Be prepared to make a significant time commitment — we ride every weekend for 12 weeks, with rain dates on Sundays, and expect participants to do 1-2 mid-week training rides to build fitness and refine their skills.
  • Expect to be “out” the entire day: unforeseeable circumstances, pit stops, and longer rides, can all make for a full day on the road.
  • Early on, rides will start at 8 am. As the weather warms-up and rides get longer, we will start earlier.
  • Participants are expected to attend every weekend ride in the program.
  • Any participant with more than 2 absences, or any two consecutive absences, will be asked to leave the program, with an open invitation to join us again the following year.

Program Structure

Rides will gradually increase in distance, elevation gain and speed. Each ride has a lunch stop (a great chance to be friendly and talk shop). We will also have refuel/pit stops during longer rides.

The core of the program is coaching — participants will receive pointers and individual attention from leaders both on & off the bike, and will also benefit from being paired with a mentor leader. Speed and endurance will follow as you train and master smooth group riding skills.

Mid-week training is essential for building the fitness necessary to succeed in the A-SIG Classic. Mid-week training rides will be listed on the NYCC website and generally take place in the early morning hours in Prospect Park, Central Park and River Road. While training is not mandatory (we’re not taking attendance…), few participants succeed without doing some kind of group training at least once, ideally twice, each week. This provides a chance for additional training, coaching, and is critical for building the fitness necessary to do the next ride. Upon graduation, you are expected to take an active part in the NYCC community; to list and lead club rides.




NYCC Membership

All participants must be members of the New York Cycle Club. In addition, each participant must lead at least one NYCC ride in 2024 upon graduation. 

The A-SIG Classic will allow for new participants in the first three weeks. For further details, contact the A-SIG Classic Captains at [email protected]

Signups are full, add your name to the wait list here.

If you have an issue accessing the wait list contact [email protected]

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Spring Training: The 2024 A-SIG Classic
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