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Now that you joined the club we want you to make the best out of the resources we have available. Here are some links that our members find helpful

  1. About Our Rides - Where you can determine your cycling speed and find the appropriate cycling group for you.

  2. Buying Your First Road Bike - Don’t own a road bike yet? This page provides some very helpful information that will help you be better informed when you go out to buy a bike.

  3. Attend Our Club Meetings - Club Meetings are a great way to meet our membership and learn more cycling. 

  4. Join Our Rides - Get going! Once you determine your speed and find the appropriate group, check out all of our upcoming rides, and don’t forget to sign up.

  5. Do you use a GPS device? NYCC has a Club Account on Ride with GPS that has many benefits for our members.

  6. Membership Directory -  Is there someone you want to reach out to post-ride? Do you want to contact a club board member with a question? Visit our directory.

  7. Discounts - NYCC offers its members discounts in some of the greatest bicycle shops around.  Check out all the vendors and print your membership card to be eligible.

  8. Join The Conversation - Check out our message boards and get involved in the conversation.

  9. Join Us Online - Engage with us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter, share pictures of your rides on Instagram, and spread the joy of cycling.


Have any additional questions? Don’t hesitate to contact us: [email protected]

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