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Spring Training: The 2016 R-STS

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Saturday, March 5, 2016 - 9:30am

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R-STS is an 11-ride series for B-level riders that seeks to expand cyclists' horizons beyond the Piermont-Nyack corridor.   This is R-STS' second year.  Last year's program was exceptionally well received with the same number of riders finishing as had started.

Dates: Saturdays, March 5 through May 14

Routes: Adventuresome fare that will pass through Suffolk, Putnam, Dutchess and Orange Counties in New York and Fairfield and Litchfield in Connecticut.  Distances will progress from 45 to 125 miles with climbing between 30-70' per mile.  You'll need to obtain a Metro North/LIRR bike pass.

The series will feature two events hosted by Long Island Randonneurs: the Jones Beach 100K on April 16 and the Ronkonkoma 200K "graduation" on May 14.

Food Stops: Will include Mediterranean, Brazilian, American BBQ and brick-oven pizza.

Who: Intended for SIG graduates and comparably experienced cyclists, the R-STS will encourage safety, preparation, efficiency, navigational skills, knowledge of bikes and gear, self reliance, situational awareness and leadership.  Participants will be expected to assist on organizing two (2) rides.  Social skills always appreciated. 

Riding: We follow B-SIG group riding protocols, but not pacelines.  Expect to break out into slower (15) and faster (17) groups.

Drop Policy: While we ride cooperatively and help each other out, but if you go off the front or back, you should be prepared to navigate the route on your own.

Gear: A cyclo-cross or touring bike would be ideal but any decent road bike or hybrid will do.   25mm or wider tires for back roads; some storage (handlebar or seatpost); and fenders (permanent or removeable) are all good things.  Deep gearing is advised, particularly if you're a B15.  Either a triple chainring up front or a mountain cassette in the rear.  (Better to have and not need ... then need and not have.)

Lighting and reflective gear will be required for the Ronkonkoma 200K.  No aero-bars.

Series Organizer: Neile Weissman is a veteran ride leader and planner.  He's led over 500 rides and organized the July 4th Weekend in New Paltz.  Neile was Routemeister and B-Ride Leader of the Year and a two-time NYCC President.

Spring Training: The 2016 R-STS
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