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A-Classic Resources

2016 A-SIG Classic Schedule

First Ride: Saturday, March 5

Contact: [email protected]

A-SIG Classic Captains

  • Harry Woods
  • Todd Keynes

A-SIG Classic Leaders

  • Amir Mikhaeil
  • Anna Taruschio
  • Arvi Sreenivasan
  • Bonnie Osborn
  • Brian Cantrell
  • Brian Sullivan
  • Ceci Daley
  • David Palencia
  • Ellie Glicklich
  • Fred Harris
  • Gal Natel
  • Gerry Villanueva
  • Giselle Leung
  • Joe Pedata
  • Johel Placencia
  • John Kim
  • John Siemens
  • Jon Shireman
  • Juan Cruz
  • Lucia Deng
  • Matt Budd
  • Matt Payne
  • Matt Swing
  • Mike Kim
  • Mike Kocurek
  • Mitch Rubenstein
  • Philip Strom
  • Thais Alexander
  • Tom Best

Spring Training: The 2016 A-SIG Classic

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  • Spring Training: The 2016 A-SIG Classic
Saturday, March 5, 2016 - 8:30am

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The A-SIG Classic: Mission

Our goal is to produce “Great Wheels.”

What's a "Great Wheel"? Quite simply, these are the riders everyone wants to follow in a paceline. Safe, smooth, strong, responsible A-Riders with excellent judgement on the road, who are capable of riding any NYCC ride, at the designated speed. As a "Great Wheel" everyone will be comfortable riding with you and behind you. Sure we can ride fast. Some of us race. But contrary to what you may have heard, the A-SIG Classic is not all about speed or "dropping" slower riders. The absolute first priority is safety. Skills and the camaraderie of a great group ride are the benefits you reap after successfully participating in the A-SIG Classic .

What to Expect

The program features a series of 12 rides, each gradually building in distance and speed from the previous, leading up to a final 100+ mile graduation ride. The leaders teach skills, focusing primarily on how to ride in a paceline as a group.

This is serious training, and it will require an equally serious commitment of time and effort: you will be asked to commit to mid week training. If you complete it, you won’t just come away a vastly improved rider. You’ll come away with new friends, and what many have called “the most enriching athletic experience of their lives."


We STRONGLY recommend a pre-season bike fit and tune-up/overhaul. You must bring your bike and helmet to Orientation (more info below) so that we can check to make sure your bike is ready to ride. Helmets are mandatory. No aerobars under any circumstances. Road bikes with clipless pedals only.


The A-SIG Classic takes place every Saturday for the duration of the programwith the exception of the first ride, which will be on Sunday, March 6. The remaining rides take place from March 12 through May 21.

If weather seems a threat to any ride, check the A-Classic Google Groups Page, the NYCC Message Board or email any of the designated leaders.


Rides in the early part of the series start at 9am. Be prepared to spend your entire day doing the SIG ride. Some days you will get home at 2pm. Other days, due to flat tires, mechanicals, refueling stops or longer rides, you may not get home until 5pm or later. As the distances increase and the weather gets warmer, the rides will start earlier.


Each ride is broken up by a quick lunch stop. It is a chance for you to get more acquainted with your fellow SIG mates, and for the leaders to talk about this training program. As the series progresses, some of the most fun stops are the ones we will make for an icy cold beverage at the end of a long, rewarding day.


We focus on skill, safety and building confidence and empathy in group riding. Participants must be willing to listen and accept coaching and feedback from the leaders. You may be in great shape, but no one will care if you can’t ride predictably, smoothly and cooperatively. Speed and endurance will follow as you train and master smooth group riding skills. Throughout the series, your ride leaders will give you tips on bike fit, handling, safety and organizing and leading rides.


The success of all SIG programs stems from the commitment made by everyone who participates. Commitment fosters consistency, which builds strength, skill and confidence, ultimately leading to groups of confident, skilled riders who safely navigate the road’s challenges.

To progress together, participants are expected to attend and complete all twelve sessions. If you have more than two absences you may be asked to leave the program. The A-SIG Classic does not accept new participants after the third week of the program. Graduates of the A-SIG Classic must complete the graduation ride.

NYCC Membership

All participants must be members of the New York Cycle Club. In addition, each participant must lead at least one NYCC ride in 2016 upon graduation.

The A-SIG Classic will allow for new participants in the first three weeks. For further details, contact the A-SIG Classic Captains at [email protected].

Spring Training: The 2016 A-SIG Classic
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