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Spring Training: The 2019 R-STS

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Saturday, March 2, 2019 - 8:30am

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R-STS and Long Island Randonneurs.

Online registration for the SIG/STS programs will open on the morning following the SIG/STS/Racing Team Introductory Meeting. The exact time will be first announced at the meeting and posted on NYCC's website after it.

Interested to learn more about the STS? Join us at the SIG/STS/Racing Team Introductory Meeting on Tuesday, February 19, 2019. The meeting is open to members and non-members. 

R-STS 2019 is an 13-ride series for experienced B-riders that expands route selection beyond the GWB>Nyack>GWB corridor. This is the R-STS' fifth year.

Dates: Saturdays, March 2 through May 25. Sunday is the rain date.

Routes: Adventuresome fare that will feature routes through Suffolk, Putnam, Dutchess, Orange, NY and Fairfield, Litchfield, CT. Distances will progress from 45 to 100+ miles with climbing between 30-70' per mile.

Food Stops: We take great pride in our food stops. They include Mediterranean, Brazilian and American BBQ and brick-oven pizza.

Gear: Any decent road bike, cyclocross, touring, hybrid, recumbent, etc. that’s in good repair and with which you can maintain the pace will do. No aero bars.

Recommended, but not required:

• Deep gears for the hills, particularly if you are a B-15
• 25mm, or wider, tires for back roads and occasional hard pack
• Some handlebar 
or seatpost storage
• Permanent or removable fenders

Lighting and reflective gear will be required for the Ronkonkoma 200K. You'll also need to obtain a
Metro North
/LIRR bike pass.

Who: Intended for SIG graduates and comparably experienced cyclists. The R-STS will encourage safety, preparation and efficiency.  Participants will be expected to assist on organizing two (2) rides.  Social skills always appreciated. 

Size: Initial registration will be limited to ten (10) riders. Open spots will be posted on regular ride listings. 

Riding: We follow B-SIG group riding protocols, but not pacelines.  Expect to break out into slower (15+) and faster (17) groups.

Drop Policy: While we ride cooperatively and help each other out, but if you go off the front or back, you should be prepared to navigate the route on your own.

Time Commitment: We do not have a formal absence policy, but we expect you to make good faith effort to participate in the series and to maintain conditioning if you miss a week.

Series OrganizersIn 2018, Mle Davis co-organized the R-STS, the Weekend at New Paltz and headed up an expedition of local riders to participate in RAGBRAI.  Neile Weissman is a veteran ride leader and planner, having led over 500 rides for the Club and is organizer of the annual Weekend in New Paltz. 

Spring Training: The 2019 R-STS
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