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Sloatsburg NJ Transit railroad platform (start)> Eagle Valley Rd, Sterling Mine Rd, Eagle Valley Rd, S Gate Rd, Sterling Forest singletrack, S Gate Rd, Eagle Valley Rd, Sisters Sevants Ln> Ringwood wood roads and singletrack including Poison Ivy, Pierson Ridge, Bear Swamp Rd, Rt 202, Seminary Rd, Darlington Ave, Ramsey NJ Transit railroad platform (end)

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Hank Schiffman
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5 out of 5
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Although doing one loop of this Sterling Forest singletrack would be enough, trains above Suffern run infrequently; you would have a long wait for your ride back from Sloatsburg. Rt 17 from Sloatsburg to Suffern is not bike-friendly. Thus the added Ringwood and on to Ramsey for more frequent trains back to Hoboken/change at Secaucus Junction for NY Penn Station. None-the-less, the added distance is good riding.

This route has a lot of good riding on singletrack with minimum of pedaling your mountain bike on roads. It does work, but you need to keep an eye on the clock. Should you ride in warm weather, you can buy water/fluids at the shooting range in Ringwood, adding a bit more distance. Otherwise, there is no food or fluids on this entire route. Therefore, carry extra stuff. 

Need I mention inherent dangers to the sport of mountain biking? These are intermediate trails, but that is akin to saying you are swimmig with average size sharks. Caution aside, these singletracks are works of art. Light a candle to those who built and maintain these trails. We are fortunate to live in train proximity to venues such as these.

Essential to doing this route is the Trailforks app. I also would advise the Avenza Ringwood, Norvin Green download map, which you will have to buy but will give you oh so much piece of mind. There are many Ringwood maps online, but the Avenza one is money in the bank. Parts might not be up to date, but it will get you out of the park and into civilization.

As of this writing, the first train out to Sloatsburg leaves Hoboken at 9:21. The 33rd St PATH line goes directly to Hoboken on weekends. You can connect to it from NY Penn Station at Secaucus Junction with any train that has SEC in the listing. Take the earliest train that gets you to Secaucus Junction. Do yourself a favor and download the NJ Transit app to purchase your tickets.

Many thanks to John Z for exploring Ringwood/Ramsey. Ringwood in poorly marked, if at all. If you have GPS, great. If not, or it fails, you will need to resort to maps, online or otherwise. Once in the thick of the park, as you exit singletrack, it is a maze of wood roads. You need to have direction. And you can't make time if you are micromanaging your route.

My 2 cents: don't first try this as a low daylight midwinter ride. You need to get out of the woods and onto roads before dark. And carry enough spares and tools to handle most basic problems as you will be a long way from a road should things go south, on the dark side of the moon if things go clunk.


HS 12/4/2018

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