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Any yoga newbies in town and open to downdogging on Jan 3, 10 and 17, 2010?

NYCC has asked me to put together an intro Yoga for Cyclists class - like the one I taught on PACTOUR Desert Camp this year - for the yoga-curious, yoga-phobic et al.
Is this you?

I've been chatting with expert pilates teacher and NYCC member Karin and we thought it would be intriguing to do a back-to-back 90 min sampler - yoga and pilates for cyclists together - perhaps as a three-part series in Jan.

We actually found a centrally located studio with an extremely hard to find, prime-time slot of Monday 6-8pm, Jan 3,10, and 17. We just need to know if any of you are a) interested b) open to coming along on Jan 3 c) interested in the series? Just putting out feelers here and of course we will run it by NYCC.

You can reply to me directly if you want - email is at (trying to evade the spambots here).

Muchas gracias!
Lynette - with a Facebook page too!

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Great timing!

Lynette, I'm glad you found a good space--and the timing is perfect for starting out the New Year on two positive feet (and hands).

NYCCer's if you're interested in starting or continuing a yoga practice, I can vouch for Lynette's skill in orchestrating a friendly, smooth progression of accessible postures that put your mind at ease. You don't realize til after that you've had a workout.

I have taken Lynette's awesome free class at the Chelsea Rec center, where the other students, mostly new to yoga, show an impressive attention to form and a friendliness you don't see in the more competitive classes. (Kills me how yoga can be competitive, but of course anything can, including the spirit.)

Monday night is a good time too--early in the week so you don't have to be preoccupied with how much you have to do this week, but won't finish. I will see you for at least one of the series! (Jan being up in the air....)

Good luck!


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Yoga for Runners/Cyclists this Fri

Heads up - I'm teaching Yoga for Runners class at this Fri Mar 18 & 25, 6.45-7.45pm, $10 (most affordable yoga studio in town), subbing for the regular teacher, Jennifer. Northwest Cnr of 23rd and 7th Ave.

Would love to get some downdogging cyclists among those updogging runners!

Also, Karin Fantus and I have room for a few more cyclists in our Yoga/Pilates for Cyclists class, Mon 18th & 25th.

Wait there's more ... in the random acts of URLing dept, I'm in Cinci right now and witnessed a cyclist reciting Pi to 120 decimal places. He does it on the bike - to slow down. Here's my video of him:

Hope to see some of you Fri ... Mon ...

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