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Are we allowed to wear hats - like ski hats - on the winter rides? Or do we have to freeze in helmets? Can I wear a woolen helmet - I saw these in Chari & Co and they looked pretty cool.

PS I fractured my skull skiing at Hunter Mountain and got over it. Make it work, people. I thought it was an allergy problem, but it was actually cerebral fluid coming out of my nose. Claritin had little effect. Should have spotted the cuts and brusing all over my face.

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Mr. Fabulous
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I'm not convinced you "got over it"

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Getting over it!

Hmm. I went blind with a bruised optical nerve, and can see again. I can also now do jigsaw puzzles with more than 24 pieces. That's over it! Plus, as an added bonus, due to the memory loss I have no fear of skiing or Hunter Mountain. My wife was a bit pissed off that I had no recollection of being married; nevertheless the BMW M3 was a pleasant surprise.

I guess I need a skull cap that can work at 20 degrees F. Amongst other things. Hey ho.

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Is this a problem?

I wear a balaclava under my helmet. A nylon helmet cover would add additional warmth if needed.

For temps in the 40s you can wear a skullcap under your helmet (bike or ski).

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You can go broke buying all the options available today

I will assume that the OP is able to wear a helmet?

If so there are tons of head coverings that work to keep your head warm. In fact most work so well that you need to find
one that will keep your head dry from persperation.

Balclava are made in almost all materials and thickness.
Ear only covers
Head bands
neck bands
Headbands that are also Neckbanks
Ear Bands.
Wool caps and Wool caps with ear covers

Even Helmet only covers.

Club Ride or Not, I suggest wearing a helmet on a bike. Even "IF" your injury happened WITH one on your head imagine
the result without one on.

In anycase ride safe, ride warm

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I wear one of these from Sirrus and it fits under my helmet nicely. All I need to do is loosen the chin strap a little bit. Costs about $25. I ride 3-4x/week about 40 miles/ride and this keeps me warm in temps down to 18 degrees F. Issues for me in terms of priority - head warmth first, hand warmth second, toe warm third. Head and hands require more than a thin balclava and full finger gloves at anything below 55 degrees F, My toes require more than booties in anything below 44 degrees F - think chemical toe warmers for occassional rides and Hotronic electronic warmers for regular riding throughout the winter.. For hands think Lobster gloves by pearlizumi. When temps drop below 35 degrees I wear ski googles to protect any exposed skin on the face and around the eyes. Dorky but very warm - like you're cycling indoors.

28-30 degrees for me is balmy weather. Sub-20 degrees F begins to get a little bit chilly.

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