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Hi All - I'm looking for a 54cm road bike, preferably women's - but that's not necessary. I'm still somewhat of a beginner ( I try to ride at least twice a week- short, weekday rides being about 25 miles, longer rides being about 50-60) but I hope to start riding more and even entering some races in the Spring. Therefore I am looking for a solid "first bike" that can transition from longer rides to shorter, quicker rides. I don't need, nor can I afford, anything too fancy...but a good, solid bike that can last me a few years before I -hopefully- upgrade again.

Ideally, I'd love a good bike, model that's been well loved/used but is no longer used as much (ie, has been replaced by newer/better models & is now just taking up space in an apt), and therefore is priced as such.

I've been looking on craigslist but I would love to find a bike thru NYCC because I feel I'm more likely to get a bike that's been treated well throughout its years.

If you have a bike you think I may be interested please let me know.


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Specialized Allez Comp 54cm


I'm selling my Specialized, which is 54cm. Shoot me an email at [email protected] to discuss. But here's a link to what I have: http://www.ubcbike.com/store/product/148994/2010-Specialized-Allez-Comp-....


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