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Looks like "wet" will hold off . . . both during the parade and for we adventuresome, calorie-burning souls. However temps will be brisk, so dress warm and in layers.

See you ready to roll (please arrive in time to sign in) at 7:30AM from 72/Riverside Drive. Brief stop in Piermont (Bunburry's and the Country Market are both open).

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!


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thanks for a great day! i had

thanks for a great day!

i had a great time today riding with you, jeff, abe, ect. (im so bad with names)

when i come back to visit my sister i for sure want to join you guys for another great time!

thanks susan! see ya next time!

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Susan, thanks for a great way to start Thanksgiving Day. I loved the variations-on-a-theme-return along 9W. Great to meet some new people and to ride with some you know. In spite of Adrienne's doubt's, I'm pretty sure the ride was good for a least one slice of pie.
John think of us every know and then when you're riding in that 68 degree weather.

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