Hogwich ride #4

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Sunday, Nov. 21
A20 meet on the Jersey side of the GWB
Leaving 9:00 sharp - so please be a few minutes early to sign in.

Ride Details:
The long-running and popular fall/winter training series is back after taking last year off. I even renewed my NYCC membership to lead these things again! There's nothing mysterious about the Hogwich ride. It's really just a glorified Nyack ride with a stop at the Runcible for a Hogwich (i refuse to call them Hubwiches!!!) The difference is that we ride north and west a bit, climb Little Tor and shoot back down 9W first before our break in Nyack. Nyack is the only stop on the ride, so please be prepared fuel-wise for about 40 miles of non-stop riding. Anyone who's ridden wih me knows, I like the group to ride together and not be strung out all over the road like a bunch of bozo's. So please be very comfortable riding in a paceline at the listed pace if you show. We will not scream out the turns for anyone off the front and we will not be waiting for stragglers. I will post weekly on the message board regarding any weather-related cancellations. Precip will usually cancel. Cold will not

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weird ride today

just wanted to post my apologies for any of the riders not happy with today's ride. i got the sense that it was too slow for some and at the same time too fast for others. i guess that's the inherent flaw in listing an A20 ride. the faster A riders show up expecting a hammerfest and then end up getting scolded for riding too hard, while other riders might be struggling to hang on. that all being said, i think most of you had fun (i did too, even with my occasional grousing). it was hard for me today to keep the group together, but that happens. so for any folks interested in coming out in the future, please understand that i really do try to keep the pace under control, but that's it a difficult thing to do with a big group of A riders. every week has been different and it always depends on who shows up. so keep this in mind for future weeks.

happy riding, hogwich

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Good Effort Todd, Dropped but not out for the count.

Good effort in keeping the ride together and from the back it appeared that it was good. Then again, I am the slower of the riders.
It did look like everyone was together on the climbs and at a fair steady pace. I did make a stop at Stricly as I licked my wounds.

What can I add?
I for one knew what I was getting myself into, one day I'll be faster but willl you be slower?

Thanks for leading

Never the slowest, Never the fastest, even solo

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Could have sworn that I saw you at today's cycle cross race in eisenhower park. Guess he was your double.


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