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Hi all @ NYCC!

I'm flying up to Brooklyn on Sat 20th (will miss the Nyack ride :( but I actually rode that one with you guys in 2004 on a cold day during Christmas

Anyway... I was hoping to join you guys for a few rides if possible.

I've already talked with Susan about doing the B4 TURKEY day ride.... And I'd like to do the ride to the cyclecross racing on Sunday if I get the bike put together and my family gives me that time free.

I dont know where these rides start (being that I'm not a member) but I was hoping that you may email me some info on the rides from Nov 21 to Nov 26 so I could try to jump into as many rides as I can...



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John, we only allow

John, we only allow non-members to join one club ride. If you plan on joining Susan's B4 thanksgiving ride, that will be your one. You're welcome to join the club for a nominal fee, which will entitle you to participate in all the rides you want over the course of one year. Please do consider.

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i'll have to count my

i'll have to count my change..

i'm worried that i would pay $22 and only do one ride,..

and not be back in nyc for an entire year ... thus a pickup ride would cost $22 not including asunder to get there and during.

i use to just pay if i was someplace but after realizing i wasn't getting benefits past the weekend i was in town...

and a few times paying and then either getting directions wrong or weather or last moment changes... i was spending a lot more to ride by myself

plus im not local so its not like i can join and learn the ins and outs...

also if i knew more about nycc and its 5013c status./. what charities if any so if i pay and end up not hooking up then at least i could convince my accountant that perchance the $$ may go to a proper charity..

right now i'd try to choose the longest/most-popular if i only get one... so this sunday may be the ride... (to cyclecross race) instead of b4 turkey... mainly because ive been to nyack which is similar ride.

and then i must check to see if i can sync to other rides or just plug my gps up and ride

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