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from RoadBikeRider:More than 30 years ago, Dr. Gabe Mirkin coined the term RICE for the treatment of athletic injuries. It stands for rest, ice, compression, elevation. Now a study from the Cleveland Clinic shows that one of these recommendations -- applying ice to reduce swelling -- actually delays healing by preventing the body from releasing a hormone called IGF-1.

Dr. Mirkin explains, "When germs get into your body, your immunity sends cells and proteins into the infected area to kill the germs. When muscles and other tissues are damaged, your immunity sends the same inflammatory cells to promote healing. The response to both infection and tissue damage is the same." The problem with cold therapy, according to the new science, is that it delays IGF-1-carrying cells from rushing to the injury. Treatment for an acute injury still includes rest (stop exercising), compression (elastic wraps) and elevation to reduce swelling. But, Dr. Mirkin now agrees, keep the ice in the freezer.

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single instance from a sample of one...

Compression would have been good but it wasn't available - rest, ice, elevation did the trick. YMMV

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re: "Keep the ice in the freezer"

Screw that; Rest, Elevation, Compression, and put the Ice in a shaker with 4 parts Vodka, 3 parts cranberry juice, & 1 part each Cointreau, Chambord, & lime juice. Shake well, pour into a martini glass. "Hey, my injury doesn't hurt anymore!"

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