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Joined: Nov 4 2010

If you are having trouble seeing last night's release of the new site, you need to remove old suffixes from your bookmarks and re-bookmark just plain http://www.nycc.org. There shouldn't be anything like /index.html as a suffix to the address in your bookmarks. Get rid of the suffixes. I know that if you can't see the site, you can't read this post. But, you may stumble upon the solution yourself but not know why ... so this post may be of some use.

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Hi Jim, I wasn't aware there

Hi Jim,

I wasn't aware there was an update to the New York Cycle Club site. Seems a bit faster but there are still issues that I would think should be easy to fix. Such as:

1. An option to stagger posts in threads. For example, if I want to post to a thread that has 2 posts (post#1 and post#2) and I want to respond to post#1, my response becomes the new post#2, and the old post#2 now becomes post#3. This makes it impossible to follow responses (thread gets mangled). There should be a way to allow the us to choose display method such as threaded, nestled or hybrid. You can test this for yourself. Someone can respond to post#1 on this thread and watch your response elbow it's way between post#1 and this post (post#2), bumping me to the new post#3 position. Then tell us if the visual flow of this thread makes sense.

2. Text seems to justify to the bottom of the text box. I'm sure there will be a lot of space above this post. And I'm sure the top of the text in my post butts up against the bottom of whatever is on the left side of this window. No?

3. Where are our formatting buttons? I have no problem adding HTML tags, but mere mortals (non-IT folks) will probably not bother. Members shouldn't have to be coders. The whole concept of technology today is to make the computers do the work. Does the web master agree?

I did notice that I no longer have to log in when I go to this site. Nice.

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