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Just a headsup for gourmet opportunists who might even RIDE to a great cafe at Mt Kisco (50 trainride north of NYC from Grand Central) ...

I recently wrote a story for touring outfit Cicilsimo Classico (I believe founder Lauren Hefferon spoke at a NYCC meeting a while back) and they ran a little contest to win one of 5x $50 vouchers to Viavante - a nouveau Italian cafe run by cyclist and former Ciao Bella Gelato partner Carla Gambescia.

Unfortunately, the contest was buried so far down in my story I don't think anyone's seen it and snagged the 5x $50 vouchers!

Since it would be a shame for them to go to waste, just letting you know in case you want to spring for it - you just have to watch my video interview and answer 3 questions. No, I don't get any extra kudos or kickbacks for this, just sharing the food around. Of course if you win, you must invite me to tag along - we could ride up there. It would be a great destination for a NYCC ride. It's literally on the tracks of Mt Kisco station.


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It's a nice place!!

Enjoyed lunch on a ride & attended a Ciclismo event there

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