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I woud like to make a suggestion to have a place on this website for articles/blogs of members. I was privileged this Sunday to visit Jay's Bike Museum. He briefly showed us his travels across the globe and in all 50 states on his bike. I would love to read more about it. I also know that Maggie has a blog about her cross country journey. I wish there was a blog or area where members can upload their travel chronicles. This would be so inspiring to read and of course entertaining too. If it is already on the website, it's hard to find. This will possibly attract new members as well, reading all the fun rides we do on weekends and other places far and away.

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my articles

1. go to: Bootsnall.com The enter Jay Jacobson on red box marked "Where do you want to travel?" (uuper left ish part of their home page)

2. Many of these articles has been in "archives" 2005-08 on NYCC site until it was just redone. I am told there may be a way of retrieving them. If anyone wants specific area info I can probablay snail mail them a copy of the article

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I have a cycling blog In Motion. I'm working on a lengthy post with text, photos, and video clips about my recent ride in Israel.
The photos are ready I have an outline of the text but editing the helmet cam video is taking some time. Since I've already returned it is a bit odd to post one day at a time of the five day ride (not to mention the solo trip I did at night on a dark desert highway before the main trip).

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