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Neile represents recumbent riders well in this piece. Good show.

For what it's worth, I terribly miss the old site as well. It was a lifeline to some precious memories of riding with such a wonderful group. I still wear my NYCC jersey proudly here in Boston.

Best wishes all,
Avi Robinson

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Good Job Neile

Looks like Neile is riding one of his Mountain bike set-ups.

Good job

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+1 Knows how to make a thick

Knows how to make a thick stone soup.

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+ 1 for Neile

Bravo to Neile Weissman, NYCC ride leader extraodinaire!


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Way to go

You got some exposure for NYCC in there too. Nice!

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Thanks all.

Some back story. Robert Matson (co-pictured) contacted NYC-recumbent riders asking who wanted to share their story. I emailed the writer some particulars and he followed up with a phone interview. He then asked if I was comfortable in city traffic. I said yes so he asked if I wouldn't mind a photo shoot.

Met the photographer on lower 2nd Avenue and we went down-across Chinatown via Mott, Canal and East Broadway. Then up the Lower East Side through Rivington and Orchard. Photographer did an incredible job negotiating traffic while snapping away with a pair of HUGE SLRs. In typical leader mode, I was calling out road hazards trying to make sure HE got through the route safely. Heck of an experience.

Reason I wanted to do this (besides the props, of course) was because I've known a number of cyclists who gave up riding and/or ride in considerable discomfort rather than consider "uncool" options.

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Neile "the real deal" Weissman

I've admired Neile for the routes he designs and his knowledge of all things cycling.  But now that I know he hauls his recumbent bicycle up and down five flights of stairs every time he rides, I have a whole new level of appreciation for the man. 

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