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Joined: Nov 9 2010

Seriously, the message board is pityful, the navigation weak, the color palate horrendous. Scrap this puppy. There has to be a turn-key solution available. It may not be as "colorful", but honesty, the colorful portion doesn't work for users.

With the electronic bulletin, the website has become the lowest common denominator for the NYCC bicycle riding club. It is where new and prospective members learn about rides and upcoming events. Functionality is critical. This website lacks functionality and hence fails as a cornerstone asset for the club. Please go back to the old site and/or find another turnkey solution before Spring 2011.

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Joined: Nov 9 2010
Bottom Line this site is not

Bottom Line this site is not user friendly. Hard to navigate, slow, and just a royal pain.

Some other thread suggested the web designers should have had a clearer picture on what this msg. board was about. I agree.

Here are my 2¢ worth. Whoever designed this site should have kept in mind that the msg board should a place where the cycling community can easily interact, Ease of navigation, load up time, visually appealing, ease of maintenance and site that can be expanded if need be.

Can't speak of the expansion part, but seeing that were still dealing with this irritating blue color and default font and the other mentioned items this site fails miserably.

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