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Well, I flipped open the strangely free copy of Bicycling Mag that's suddenly started landing in my mailbox and spotted this credit card
At the risk of sounding like I'm promoting it (certainly am not) and suspending the disdain we have for credit cards - even though we use them every day - it struck me as a really simple but clever customer engagement doodad - having your face and favorite steed on the card! Playing right into the rabid fanaticism some of us have for our bicycles et al. I mean, would you rather that or a generic computer generated corporate logo?
OK, I will admit it - I'm scraping for something to write about this week for my unpaid FastCompany soapbox on Customer Evangelism, I'd appreciate any random thoughts on it so I can blog about it in the realm of "what else bicyclists want".
Answer off list please ... can't imagine other NYCC members would be interested in my endless confabs about modern marketing.

Oh, am I getting old? Nice zippy new site but the white against the blue is a bit hard on my eyeballs.
I should be ashamed - a couple of my blogs are white on black...

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credit card

I've had my motor scooter photo on my credit card for several years. It's a nice personalization feature.

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