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I like the weather/extended forcast feature. Thanks!


If one of the objectives of the new site was to prevent anonymous posts on the message board we need to try again. Other Enhancements:

1) Consider adding a feature that will allow a user to choose to stay logged in for 3 days or so.


2)  Consider reordering the ride listing columns to Date/Time/Level/Distance/Name/Leader/Spots Remaining.


3) In the actual ride description, consider adding the Day of week under "Ride Information" (right hand column).


4) The ride leader should be automatically included in the participant rostar.


5) What's the policy/practice on deleting spam or offensive posts?  Is someone monitoring these posts daily?


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Good comments. Thanks. In terms of preventing annonymous posts, that is not really the goal. The Board never decided to prevent anonymous posts. Anyone, including a member, can create a non-member login for using the MB with any username they like. However, unlike in the past, they need to submit a valid email address to create the username so that if the person is a persistent violator we can block their email. (A member should use a different email address.) As to the spam, I have eliminated it every hour or so before 11:00 p.m. last night and since 6:30 a.m. today. We will be installing more spam-preventing technology soon, later today probably. I have added all of your other suggestions to our list of proposed modifications. Thanks.

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Dead links and ...

Update: All of the email links on the contact page are inoperable:

Also, can you make the default text color black. The quick fix for me is that I need to type a word, select it and choose black from the menu bar. Its not a permanent fix.

Finally, for now, please add no aero bars somewhere in the ride listing.



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Current Bulletin

FYI the Current Bulletin doesn't seem to be up correctly. The photos aren't showing, and the text isn't wrapping correctly. 


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