A-19 NYC Perkins Garrison Ride is ON!

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Awesome weather predicted for Saturday - sunny and 56 degrees at the start rising to 70 degrees.

We'll meet on the NJ side of the GWB - about 20 yards to the left after you come down the stairs from the NYC side of the bridge. I'll be on a silver TREK w/white Bell helmet. Ride leaves promptly at 9:15.

I anticipate 3:15 to 3:45 hours on the bike (51 mile ride from NJ side of GWB) with two rest stops - up to 20 minutes each. Arrive at the Garrison RR station to catch the 2:02pm train back to NYC arriving to GCT at 3:21pm.

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carl (not verified)

Awesome ride! Thanks for leading.

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Robert Shay (not verified)

The ride stats are listed below. I couldn't parse the Garmin GPS data in the link below to isolate the segments of the ride. GWB start line begins at mile 32 and the Bedford Hills train station is at mile 104. The data shows inaccuracies in speed at some points - unless that was when Daniel pulled the paceline...


Using a different software package (Delorme) I was able to get the ride stats from GWB NJ side to Bedford Hills RR station. Below:

Distance: 69 miles
Climb elevation: 6,027 feet
Minimum elevation: 0.0 feet
Maximum elevation: 1,276 feet

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