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I am visiting NYC for my first time the weekend of May 5/6th and thought of no better way to see NYC then the five boro bike tour. I am a active cyclist in Austin, TX and I am looking for a person or place to rent a tandem road or mountain bike that my wife and I can use for the 42 mile ride. If anyone can help or point me in the right direction I would appreciate it.

I have posted to craigslist as well -


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carl (not verified)
Bike NY

There are plenty of options. Try this link:

Be sure to book fast, though!

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Dustin (not verified)
Bike NY

Thanks I have checked out the bike new york link and found two shops that rent tandems, but unfortunately they are all already gone. I plan to call every shop just to make sure that others don't carry tandems.

My posting on craigslist actually did help me secure a non-tandem bike with a very friendly new yorker who is willing to let me borrow his bike free of charge with delivery and all (I owe him at least a beer). It's just my wife is not really wanting to ride unless we have a tandem.

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carl (not verified)
"Bike NY ""vibe"""

"Just wanted to add that the tour IS a great way to experience and see NYC, but as an active cyclist, be aware that unless you arrive very early and are way up front, it will be a crowded and slow experience. Some find that frustrating. I've done it for years, and accept it for what it is (and I'm an active cyclist as well).

So as long as you don't have expecations that it will be a ""normal"" ride, you can have a great time.
Enjoy your vist to NYC!"

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Dustin (not verified)
Bike NY Vibe

I expect the pace to be slow especially with 30k plus people and doubt we will even hit our normal pace of 17-20mph. I am just thrilled about taking in the sites and having the streets closed down.

If we are in the masses how slow does the ride go? The reason I am asking is because if I can't get a tandem my wife doesn't want to ride on her own because she doesn't want to get left behind. She typically rides a 10-12mph pace.

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Avi (not verified)
"It's a ""Tour"", not a race"

"Hi Dustin,

I'd say that for the first half of the tour, until you cross into Queens, 10-12 mph would be expected. In particular, you will experience bottlenecks at the start, at the entrance to Central Park, and at the entrance to the Queensboro bridge. The bottlenecks, while annoying, can create spectacular images. Imagine 6th Ave. teeming with cyclists as far as the eye can see.

Once you're in Queens the tour spreads out a bit and you can (but are not required to) go more comfortably at your own pace.

There's no such thing as being ""left behind"" in this tour, as the majority of the riders are similarly casual. Just budget plenty of time and enjoy!


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Tony Mantione (not verified)
tandem for use

Hello Dustin ;

I have a tandem you can for the 5 BBT . I can let you use it for FRREEEEE
,no charge ..
It;s a burley duet about 15 years old but little milage and in excellent condition .
Please contact me for delivery information / I can drop it off to your hotel since I have a rack that can occomodate the bike on my car . If you want to come to Brooklyn to pick it up that would work as well .
Happy cycling .
Tony .
C- 917 251 3549

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Dustin (not verified)
tandem for use

Thanks Tony that is great news! I have responded via email and left you a voice-mail. Looking forward to speaking with you.


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