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I took a spectacular fall last weekend. The bod is fine (if a bit bruised) but I ripped my favorite tights and nylon jacket. Any suggestions on how to repair?

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twisted (not verified)
lycra repair

"use a ""ball point"" needle"

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Evan Marks (not verified)
nylon repair tape
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Paul (not verified)

"The local tailor recommended Dritz Stitch Witchery."

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SLS (not verified)

Take them to a tailor. I got a few jackets and a brand new pair of tights (I fell and ripped my new tights) fixed by a tailor and he did a great job.

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velofellow (not verified)
"Try ""Iron Mend"""

"It's a product used for patching wet suits. It's basically an iron-on stretchy patch. I bought mine at Paragon's for about $12. Works fine with lycra, though by no means is the patch ""invisible""."

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