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Can anybody recommend a hand specialist, a friend of mine has been unable to train due to stiffnes in the hands that began almost overnight. In addition, nodules has been formed on the wrist and is unable to close the fist first thing in the morning. Has seen doctor in Brooklyn with very unsatisfactory explanations and/or results.


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Stéphane (not verified)

Michael R. Hausman, M.D. at Mount Sinai Hospital
Professor, Orthopaedics
Assistant Professor, Surgery

Tel: (212) 241-1658

Office Address
5 East 98th Street, New York, NY, 10029

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Steve (not verified)

Might want to check with a rheumatologist.

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Rick Braun (not verified)
hand specialist

After my bike crash last July, in which, among other injuries, I totally tore a thumb ligament, I saw Dr. Michael Rettig of Drs. Raskin and Rettig Hand Surgery, P.C., 117 East 34th Street (1st-2nd Avenues), 3rd floor, 212-889-8600. He performed surgery and saved the functionality of my thumb.
Also, a rheumatologist friend of mine whom I sometimes see as my secondary internist, is Dr. Lanny Schwartzfarb, 311 E. 72nd St., 212-734-5670.

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Joe (not verified)
Hand Doc...

I've been a rock climber for 12 years and I had a climbing injury (torn a2 pulley) and found a hand doc recommended by climbers. He even had a subsciption to Rock & Ice for me to read. His bedside manner is lacking, but he is a top rate hand surgeon who only resorts to surgery as a last step (I sent my dad there with many broken bones in his hand and the doc tried twice to set it, then resorted to surgery). I recommend this man without hesitation:

Mark Pruzansky
975 Park Avenue @83rd
New York, NY
(212) 249-8700


Good luck, feel better.

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Maggie Schwarz (not verified)
Basil Besh

This ortho surgeon, hand specialist, at Beth Israel, took care of my broken pinky when I fell off my bike a few years ago.

He's very good, and the offices are in the Phillips Ambulatory Care Center on Union Sq.

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Claudette (not verified)

"Second on Hausman.
But Bob Hotchkiss at Special Surgery is outstanding. A scholar and a gentleman. 212.606.1964

With nodules on the wrist, you might have a systemic condition and therefore would need to see a Rheumatologist. Steve Paget at Special Surgery (chief) is da bomb. http://www.med.cornell.edu/research/sapaget/


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Dan (not verified)

Thank you for your suggestions, are there any recommendations for a Rheumatologist (?)

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Steve (not verified)

I see Dr. Jay Adlersberg, whom I like but he is the only rheumatologist I have ever worked with so don't have a frame of reference for comparison. Before seeing the rheumatologist you may just tell your friend to see his regular doctor and have them run a blood test to determine if he/she has an elevated rheumatoid factor.

As far as hand specialists, Dr. Charles Malone is widely regarded as one of the top guys in the field.

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Tom Hayes (not verified)

I highly recommend Dr. Daniel Polatsch at 321 East 34th Street, phone 631 264-2030. He is a kind and careful person who knows everything there is to know about hands.

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Zac (not verified)
I know two

I broke both wrists two years ago in a cycling accident and used Dr. Vincent Fietti at 901 5th Av. He did an excellent job and I've been back on the bike like nothing has happened.

My wife recently broke HER wrist and Dr. Fietti wasn't in so she saw Dr. Barron at the Starr Hand Center at Roosevelt Hospital on 10th Ave.

Both of these doctors are hand specialists.

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Stacy (not verified)

Dr. Sicy Lee
305 2nd Ave

(associated with Hospital for Joint Diseases)

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