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Can anyone recommend a product or undergarment for chafing down below while riding?

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Marcella (not verified)

First: Buy the very best bike shorts you can afford, and make sure they fit very snugly to minimize friction. Ask your bike shop to show you women-specific shorts. You will get used to the feel, and you will notice the difference. Try on several pairs. There are several manufacturers designing chamois for women. Terry has a 1-800 number and is devoted to women's clothing and cycling.
Since in cycling we wear our padding instead of relying on diaper-sized saddles, shorts should be one of your most important pieces of equipment.

Second: Use chamois cream. I bought a tub as Assos brand and swear by it, but there are many options out there.

Finally: Make sure your saddle is in the right position, and while you ride, shift your position and stand from time to time to keep blood flow. Proper bike fit and form are essential. Ever since I invested in great shorts, cream, and had my bike fitted, I never have chafing, even after 100+ mile rides.

Good luck!

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Anonymous (not verified)

What she said. Also, I have had some success with diaper rash ointment (zinc oxide) in lieu of chamois cream. It seems to mostly prevent the chafing, and clears up any other irritation overnight.

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Anonymous (not verified)
Question for ladies.

I tried a lot of different brands of shorts before I found ones that were close to perfect. I use Chamois Butt'r to make them ride smoothly.

It will take you some time to find the right shorts. If you get a sore in the meantime, try Neosporin.

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another gal (not verified)

Why spend the big bucks on expensive chammy cream? Trader Joe's makes a product called Udderly Smooth udder cream. Three or four bucks for 12 ounces. Feels great. No tingling like that Assos stuff. I use chammy cream for every ride now, and I've never (knock wood) had any issues down there.

However, don't skimp on buying cheap shorts. The butt is the biggest contact point, so spend your bucks accordingly.

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Jim N (not verified)
Hemp Chanvre

"I use this stuff from The Body Shop. Someone gave it to me, so no idea if it's cheap, but it works quite well, even though it's supposed to be for your face.

Admittedly, I am not a woman.

Also works on the face."

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Kay Gunn (not verified)
Udderly Smooth

Ditto that, I love that stuff. I used to use Assos cream, now I use the below. I also like the squeekycheeks on my thighs in the summer. It helps prevent heat rash/irritation.

Here's a recipe I use for home-made Assos cream
1 jar Utterly Smooth ~$4 for 12 oz at (Walmart or Trader Joe's).
Once you've opened-up about 2 oz of room in the jar add 3 parts witch hazel and 1 one part tea tree oil.
Add a couple squirts of some Squeaky Cheeks (, which is a powder that contains menthol, to replicate the tingling of Assos.

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LynnB (not verified)
Chafing and bike fit

I've been riding my dreambike for a year with handlebar low. Everything was perfect except I complained of my new seat, and chafing (even with all the chamois cream, best shorts, etc)
2 weeks ago I raised my handlebar (took off the spacer that was there)and presto, no more chafing, even after 70 miles and several hours on the saddle (not giving up on Assos, though).
I'm not an expert on bike fit, but it's worth checking on the distribution of weight between seat and handlebar.

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M (not verified)

"I find it imperative to keep the area where the legs end and the nether regions begin clear of hair. Hence, ain't nothing like a bikini wax (can't go too far where I'm concerned) every six weeks. It hurts like hell the first couple times, but then the growth slows down and it's easier than a trip to the dentist after awhile. Go to someone reputable; a lot of these ""nail salons"" don't know squat about waxing. It's really important to keep the area to the sides clean, especially going back towards the butt. The hair rubs, no matter how good a chamois you have. I personally use a little vaseline on the skin before putting the shorts/pants on.
Good luck."

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Marty Wolf (not verified)
Saddle Chafing - the Best Answer

"Contact me directly at [email protected]. As a ""very"" long distance female cyclist, who has ridden many, many long rides with (now that I have the answers) no problem I can give you advice.

Marty Wolf"

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